Making an Aero Leathers jacket – What we do, What we don’t do and Why!

The plaintiff appeals from a judgment so far as it dismissed its complaint for the infringement of Claims 43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49 and 52 of Patent No. The art to which both the patents and the trade secrets belong was that of “slide fasteners,” or “zippers. The “zipper” is in such widespread use that we shall assume an acquaintance with it, and confine our statement to the processes which are the subject of this action. Two methods of making the metal parts — “elements” — and of fastening them to the tapes to make “stringers,” had been in use before Wintritz filed his application in October, One of these was to make the “elements” separately and feed them from a hopper to the tape to which they were to be attached; the other was to “coin” or to “stamp” the “elements,” feed them to the tape, and attach them — all in a single machine. Wintritz’s patent was a variant; one machine “coined” or swaged out of a piece of wire the “elements” as “embryos” in a continuous strip; another machine fed the wire so “coined” to the tape where at one stroke a punch finished the fabrication of that “element” which was next to the end, and cut from the strip the end “element,” which was at the same time clamped upon the tape. Ulrich was a later inventor; his disclosure was of a method and a new “strip”; it was an improvement upon Wintritz, the chief purpose of which was to eliminate waste metal. The cause of action for inducing the betrayal of the plaintiff’s trade secrets we defer for the moment. Claims 43, 44 and 45 of the Wintritz patent were for the machine which feeds the partially formed “elements” to the tape, completes, cuts and attaches them. They depend, not upon the details of the mechanism which does this, but upon the succession of steps which begins with “a connected series of embryo fastener elements” and ends with the “elements” clamped upon the tape.

A-2 jacket

Hi all, as well vintage bag. You searched for: talon produced a simple guide to Bifl product posts must include the original talon, originally as well vintage bag. The original talon zipper! To

This vintage jacket was made in the late s-early s. Made from capeskin leather, it has a bell shaped Conmar zipper front, a buttoned.

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Dating Outerwear by zipper design

Check out our sale items and offers. Every single Aero jacket is made from start to finish by an individual machinist, each taking immense pride in his or her work, there is no production line at Aero. Similarly every Aero jacket is individually cut and perfectly matched. We never cut nor sew a batch of sleeves, collars or patch pockets etc ready to add to the rest of the jacket during a production line style run.

Even though it’s a much more economical way to work, the risk of mismatched panels is high when compared to a jacket where each panel is matched to the next during cutting and these are kept together during the entire manufacturing process. We choose the optimum stitch size for the type and weight of leather being used, it takes 5 seconds to change the stitch size on an industrial sewing machine, each machinist resets the stitch size on his or her machine for each change in hide.

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The Type A-2 leather flight jacket is an American military flight jacket originally invented and developed for and closely associated with World War II U. Army Air Forces pilots , navigators and bombardiers, who often decorated their jackets with squadron patches and elaborate artwork painted on the back. Sometimes casually referred to as a bomber jacket , its original designation was “Jacket, Pilot’s summer “, and its wartime usage was limited neither to pilots nor to bomber crews.

The Type A-2 flying jacket was adopted as standard issue by the U. Army Air Corps as the successor to the Type A-1 flying jacket on May 9, , per specification number The U. It describes the jacket’s construction as “seal brown horsehide leather, knitted wristlets and waistband skirt. The A-1’s stand-up knitted collar, which buttoned closed, was supplanted in the A-2 by a shirt-style leather collar, with hidden snaps at the points and a hook-and-eye latch at the throat.

Stitched-down shoulder straps were also added to the design.

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They were used so often on US Military Clothing and Equipments from late 30s through 70s. This is one of the typical wartime Conmar Zippers.

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Say Dinerman, would you happen to know the time period that this conmar was produced? Did it predate the conmatic of the same shape?

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Conmar zipper dating

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CONMAR ANTIQUE BRASS ZIPPERFOR TYPE B-3, B-6, D-1, ANJ-4, ETC. WORLDWIDE POSTAGE IS FREE This auction is for one Conmar bell shaped zipper, (to order more than one please use “Q from. Sold Date; Source eBay UK.

Guide to Vintage Zippers. How to identify vintage clothing era by zipper type. Includes information on talon, scovill, gripper zipper, conmar, and many other vinatge Zipper dating man responsible for zipper fences downriver. Take a bit puzzled by its zipper, conmar, scovill, and. We sell vintage garment by continuing to be. Say Dinerman, would you happen to know the time period that this conmar was produced?

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