Amman: Haven of serenity amid sea of turmoil

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Refugees in Towns

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Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information. Any person wishing to marry in Jordan must do so according to Jordanian law. In Jordan there are no civil marriages and all marriages must be performed according to a recognized religious tradition. While Muslim men may marry non-Muslim women, Muslim women are forbidden from marrying non-Muslim men.

If you are marrying according to the Christian tradition, then the marriage must be performed according to the Ecclesiastical court.

Loyal Jordanian Women

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The culture of Jordan is based in Arabic and Islamic elements with significant Western influence. Jordan stands at the intersection of the three continents of the ancient world, lending it geographic and population diversity. Notable aspects of the culture include traditional music and clothing of Jordan, and interest in sports. These include football and basketball as well as other imported sports, mainly from western Europe and the United States.

Jordanian pop culture is heavily influenced by the West. European and American music, movies, fashion and other forms of entertainment are popular among Jordan’s people. Clubbing and partying culture are present in Amman, especially in the Western half of the city. A small minority of youth, mostly the rich in West Amman. Amman is consistently declared one of the most westernised and modern cities in the region.

Malls, Western-brand stores, and hotels are important elements in Amman’s urban life, especially in the Western side.

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Photos by the authors. Cover photo above is a typical city street in southwestern Irbid with a mix of Syrian and Jordanian residences, shops, and pedestrians. This report explores how Syrian refugees have transformed the city of Irbid as the latest arrivals in a long history of forced migration to the city that has included Palestinians, Iraqis, Sudanese, and Somalis. Second, in addition to hosting refugees, Irbid is being transformed by major social, economic, and demographic changes similar to other urban areas around the world, providing a valuable case study for understanding refugee integration more broadly.

Third, the authors have a deep and broad set of connections in Irbid that gave access to a wide range of local perspectives. While social attitudes between Syrians and Jordanians are important, we also find that the arrival of Syrian refugees is only one part of a much larger set of trends that are affecting life in the city and affecting the ability of new arrivals to integrate here. Click to enlarge. These trends include rapid depletion of regional water resources, increased urbanization and its associated social changes, and shifting job opportunities for refugees, Jordanians, and other migrants as Jordan modernizes and globalizes its economy.

We argue that the future of life in Irbid, and its ability to host new arrivals, will depend on how Jordanians and Syrians alike adapt to a new sedentary, urbanized lifestyle; how economically equitable and accessible cities can be to new arrivals in a globalizing, developing economy; and how the region can adapt to severe water scarcity. Many of these challenges can be managed with effective urban planning, but there has been a shortage of coordination between humanitarian, municipal, and development actors in Irbid.

Finally, we build on our understanding of refugee integration in urban areas by linking individual experiences, neighborhood- and city-level changes, and transnational trends. Denis Sullivan for supporting this project.

Jordan country profile

Here is a list of the 7 biggest differences between Western and Jordanian culture. Some of them will blow your mind! Especially with locals and tourists, different ways of clothing often lead to misunderstandings. If you show too much skin it can come across as disrespectful and offensive in Jordan. You will also notice that Jordanians pay more attention to dress well than people in the West.

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The Emirate of Transjordan was the name given to this small state when it was recognized in , after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the promulgation of the Balfour Declaration. It was not until that Transjordan became a completely sovereign state. Amman is the capital and the largest city. Location and Geography. Jordan has an area of about 35, square miles 91, square kilometers. It lies in the center of the Middle East, sharing its northern border with Syria, eastern border with Iraq, it’s southern and eastern borders with Saudi Arabia, and western border with the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, and Israel.

Its only seaport is the port of Aqaba. Jordan has barren deserts, fertile valleys, and colorful rock and sand mountains. It contains the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, and the Great Rift Valley, which was created twenty million years ago when tectonic plates shifted, stretching from Lake Tiberius south through Jordan and into eastern Africa.

In , the population was about ,; in , it reached 4. After the war with Israel and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, there were sudden and massive influxes of Palestinian Arab refugees, who now make up more than two-thirds of the population. In , 1,, Palestinian refugees living in Jordan were registered with United Nations; , Palestinians continue to live in ten refugee camps.

Nomadic people, predominantly Bedouin, account for more than 10 percent of the total population.

The 7 Biggest Differences Between Western and Jordanian Cultures

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